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Products are completely HANDMADE IN ITALY. They have a real Lapis Lazuli thin stone inserted in the temple. They come with a serial number warranty card to guarantee the authenticity. Models are identified by a name of International Cities and their Airport codes to confirm the Cosmopolitan soul of this collection. Only available at selected leading optical boutiques throughout Asia and Europe and recently presented in New York for the North American markets. Visit our website for additional information and/or to find your model/destination or the authorized store near to you!


Matching, assembling, frictioning, cutting, lasering, creating: original colour combinations obtained through experienced craftsmanship, extol the retro charm of these frames. The exclusive combination of the two colours is made by “frictioning” the upper part of the front with the lower part. Not just putting together the two different acetate sheets. Like this, you obtain a “3D” effect due to the “asymmetrical” colour combination and not just a straight line you see on all the other standard productions.


(North American Routes models/cities JFKLAXMIAYYZ )
A traditional and artisanal manufacturing process which allows colour touches in retro inspired contemporary frames. A thin blue acetate line is inserted in the front and the temples. Front end-pieces are then “ironed” to keep the thin blue line following the curve of the front.


Uniqueness as a point of view: side perspective shows colour variations which originate from “by frictioning” assembling of different acetate colours sheets. An exclusive appeal thanks to the combination of colours to create an unique “new” colour effect. The assembling of different colours is done by a “frictioning” process to have the colours really “embraced” together with a better quality result than traditional standard productions


(Oceania routes models/Cities ADLAKLBNECBRMELSYDWLG )
“…just little bits of reminders: fashion trends go back to the Fifties and revive a class icon giving it a new updated allure. A “timeless” combination of metal frames with acetate material. Acetate is sometime an exclusive combination of colours done by “frictioning” Now updating new models with use of Titanium combination like in models NTLZQNPER. And when we talk about Titanium of course we talk about Made in Japan and for these models we talk Japan Made Acetate too.


(African routes models/Cities CMNCPTDKRDXBMRUSEZ )
A real perfect DUET. The fronts show a structure made of two different acetates nested one inside the other, using the valuable technique of “frictioning”. Different hues of havanas and horns are enlightened by an internal ray of transparent acetates, offering exclusive colour combinations in a very sophisticated workmanship technique!


(Italian Bridges routes models/Cities VCEFLRNAPVRN)
Acetate eyewear rim interrupted and completed by metal rim wire. A full metal rim is inserted in the eye-shape and it is visible only partially (where the acetate is eliminated). This feature enhances the aesthetic and design impact, thanks to the differences and contrast of materials, thickness and colours. (Concept/Models protected by Intellectual Property Registration)